About us


Sacred Moments Photography is all about capturing those beautiful, precious moments; whether it be the amazing journey of pregnancy or birth, a wedding, shower or birthday party, or simply freezing in time the love between a couple or family in a series of images.

I have been involved in photography for over ten years.  It started out as a hobby, designed to help me rediscover the joy and beauty contained in everyday life.  Very quickly I discovered what I loved to photograph most of all, were people.  In particular I loved to capture a moment in time, an image, that told a story about that person or their relationship and so Sacred Moments Photography Australia was born.

My style of photography can be described as lifestyle or photo-journalistic. All these words mean is that I aim to capture YOU in your images.  Not in a formalised foreign way, but in a way that allows your spirit to shine through.

I am currently not taking on new bookings as I focus on spending time with my family however at times I may have openings or concept sessions available. Follow Sacred Moments on Facebook and Instagram for availability.

If you would like any more information please contact me or visit us on Facebook

You can also follow us on Instagram




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