Mel and Bec’s Beautiful Maternity Session (and some surprise legal document signing) {Brisbane Maternity (and wedding) Photographer}

Quite possibly my longest title ever – but if ever there was a session deserving of a magnificantly long title – this is it!

I was overjoyed when I heard from Bec and Mel that they were expecting a little baby.  I was even more excited when Mel said she wanted to do a milk bath as part of her maternity session.


Mel and Bec decided to have their session the same day as their baby shower which was wonderful because I could photograph all of the special little details of their baby shower as well!

The day was absolutely stunning as I (eventually) found the hidden little property at Mount Samson where the shower was being held.

After spending some time soaking in the milk bath – including a little visit from one of the resident baby goats, we headed outside.  I’d just like to point out here that Bec and Mel are quite possible the most lucky weather clients I have ever had.




Just as we made it out to the little lake the clouds let the sun peek through in the most beautiful way – just like it did 2 years ago at their wedding…. Speaking of which….

After our little stroll and as the Baby Shower was about to begin Mel let me know she had a little surprise planned for Bec.  She had the celebrant who had officiated at their wedding arriving so they could sign their legal wedding documents after the law change here in the land of Oz last year!  I was so excited I couldn’t leave until I’d captured a few images of this special occassion.  Wow!  What a day!


Wishing you all the best with the birth of your baby – can anyone guess if it’s a boy or a girl.. there are some hints in the photos!


Donna and Tino’s Stunning City Wedding



It was an absolutely stunning afternoon as we gathered at St Mary’s Church at Kangaroo Point to watch this beautiful family become one.  As the bride and groom exchanged vows and the sun set over the Brisbane River we moved over to Victoria Point Golf Course for an amazing reception with the most gorgeous little touches. Congratulations to Donna and Tino and your family.  I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek of your wedding day.








Aleisha and Tim’s Simply Beautiful Yabbaloumba Retreat Wedding

This lovely couple chose one of the most STUNNING locations in South East QLD to celebrate their wedding.  If you’ve never heard of Yabblaoumba Retreat before I highly recommend you check it out.

It was an absolutely gorgeous September day in the Mary River Valley and Aleisha and Tim created the most beautiful sanctuary down by the river.  The wedding was officiated by the groom’s brother as celebrant as family and friends gathered in the shady glen to witness the two take their vows.

The bridal party then set off in a 4WD to capture some images with this most beautiful background before coming back to join their reception complete with lawn games and a bonfire.



Congratulations to this lovely couple on your beautiful day.



Wedding Planner: L&L Co.

Venue: Yabbaloumba Retreat

Cake: Half Naked Cakes

Hair: Hair By Sam Edwards

Make-Up: Amelia Livingstone

Music: Dan Horne


Katrina and Sean {Stunning Caboolture Historical Village Wedding}

I am blessed to be able to call this lovely couple not only friends but family and it was an absolute joy to be able to photograph their stunning wedding at the Caboolture Historical Village.  They have been so very very patient, waiting for their photos in this very busy year.  I hope you enjoy your blog post.





Certainly one of my firsts as a photographer was the bride making a pit stop for petrol and Sushi Train on the way to the ceremony.



An absolutely amazing ceremony, filled with laughter, tears and gorgeous moments that truly captured this wonderful couple, their love for each other and all of their children.


SMPOZ-976wSMPOZ-17-2SMPOZ-135-2VSMPOZ (14)SMPOZ-982-2SMPOZ-24-2-2SMPOZ-924


There were plenty of moments of hilarity as we tried to capture some family shots with this gorgeous family of eight.




Congratulations to Katrina and Sean and your beautiful family and all the best for the future!

Erin and Paul’s Beautiful Dayboro Wedding

This year has been an exciting one in terms of weddings!  But there has been one wedding I have been waiting for and that is this one.  I felt so priviledged to be invited to photograph this special couple’s wedding as I have known the bride since I was 10 and she was 5!  Her sister is one of my best friends and I have watched her grown into an amazing young woman and meet this fabulous man who were now getting married!


The wedding was taking place in a tiny little Catholic Church in Dayboro, St Francis Xavier Church, a beautiful country church in the Petrie Parish.


Quite possibly the most excited groom ever!

Then we were off to the always stunning Glengariff Estate for a stunning reception complete with oversized games on the lawn and the most beautiful armchairs to welcome this fabulously unique and happy couple.  Although we only had 45 minutes we raced around those grounds and captured some beautiful images – it was lucky the bride and bridesmaids were all wearing their running shoes.





But after the cake and the dancing there was still one more surprise from this awesome couple.  After the birde had thrown her bouquet, rather than the traditional garter tossing, instead the bride was treated to a mariachi style serenade by her husband and the groomsmen.


Congratulations to Erin and Paul!  Wishing you every happiness in your long future together!



Kelsie and Calvin’s Lovely Petrie Wedding


It was a beautiful day in the northern suburbs of Brisbane when I arrived at a lovely little house in Bray Park with a stunning white Cadillac out the front.  Inside the bride and her bridesmaids were all ready to go, with just a few finishing touches to add.


There was a lovely moment when the groomsmen showed up to drop off the bouquets and the blushing bride hid inside while also peering out to see her groom.

Calvin and Kelsie met at high school but it wasn’t until they met later on at a youth group that they started seeing each other – and so began a beautiful love story.


Wedding Venue – Old Petrie Town

Reception – Pendicup Community Centre

Celebrant Dianne Webb – Tender Moments Celebrations

Cake – Natalie’s Cakes


Mel and Bec’s Beautiful Brisbane Wedding

I first met Mel and Bec when I photographed Rebecca’s mother’s wedding.  Melissa  had helped Karen with the lovely touches at her wedding so I knew their wedding was going to be special.

When I arrived at the hotel where both Bec and Mel were getting ready, both rooms were filled with laughter, friends and a score of professionals getting them ready for their big day.



Mel and Bec had decided to get married at the beautiful LightSpace in the Valley.  An absolutely stunning venue for one of the most beautiful weddings, full of love, friendship and family.

Congratulations Rebecca and Melissa!  Wishing you every happiness for the rest of your lives!  Thank you for letting me be part of your special day.


Ceremony and reception : LightSpace Fortitude Valley

Celebrant: Gai Rites





Amy and Carl’s Vow Renewal {Redcliffe Wedding Photographer}

Wedding Days are very special occasions.  But something even more special is when a couple decide to renew their vows.  When Amy and Carl asked me to photograph their vow renewals in Redcliffe I was so excited about capturing this time for them.  Celebrating 20 years of marriage is no easy feat and this couple did so with so much love and support that it almost brought me to tears.

Some of the special touches on the day included Amy wearing her wedding dress and the flower girl from the wedding 20 years ago, wearing one of the original bridesmaids dresses!

To Amy and Carl and your amazing family; I wish you many many more happy years together.

Susan and Aubrey {North Brisbane Wedding}

It was a beautiful clear day when I met Susan and her attendants at her gorgeous salon in Bald Hills where she was getting her hair and make up done at Charizma Hair and Beauty.

Afterwards we returned to Susan’s home where the Bride and her bridesmaids were getting ready.  While the bridesmaids were dressed in stunning lavender Sari’s, Shannon Roscarel from Blooms Bridal Styling and Events delivered the beautiful bouquets.

Susan and Aubrey were married at Saint Clements Anglican Church on the Hill, in a perfect ceremony surrounded by family and friends

After the ceremony we travelled out to Yuraba Conference Centre and the beautiful forest park surrounding the conference centre.

Thank you Susan and Aubrey for inviting me to capture your beautiful day.

Cake: Tina Edwards

Hair: Raffaella Bello Dyer, Charizma Hair and Beauty

Make-up: Teppy

Bouquets: Shannon Roscarel: Blooms Bridal Styling and Events

Wedding Planning? here are some top tips to help you get the best photographs of your special day

This month my husband and I are celebrating our 12th wedding anniversary.  Our wedding day was one of the most wonderful and memorable days of our lives.  It was a lovely relaxed day with family and friends.  We were 21 and didn’t have a lot to spend and I was so lucky that my very talented sister was there to capture our day – on film! Can you believe digital photography was only just becoming an option in 2003!

Our wedding party in 2003 - shot on black and white film -remember when that was a thing?

Our wedding party in 2003 – shot on black and white film -remember when that was a thing?

These days reports suggest Australian’s are spending any where from $10 000 to $65 000 on their big day with the average in 2012 being $36 000 – a far cry from our $5000 wedding in 2003 (and that included our week long honeymoon), all the more reason for couples to make sure that the lasting mementoes couples have of their weddings are truly beautiful.

Since that beautiful wintery day 12 years ago I have been fortunate to attend many weddings as a guest and as a photographer and I have a few tips I’d love to share with you so that you can look back at your photos in the decades to come and remember such a special day.


In the planning of your wedding there are a couple of decisions you can make that will ensure you have some amazing photos.

  1. Timing – any good photographer will be able to capture your wedding at any time of day, however the fact is the light around sunset is the ‘best’ light – it makes everyone glow and gives the photos that special something. Look up the time of sunset on your chosen wedding day and discuss timing with your venue and photographer.  You will want to have between 1-2 hours from the end of your ceremony to the start of your reception depending on if you can use your ceremony location for photos or if you have to travel.
  • Do you want to have photos taken right on sunset?
  • Is your ceremony taking place inside? Undercover? If outside – will it be out of direct sunlight? Even at 3-4pm in the afternoon the Western sun can cause quite harsh shadows to fall which can affect your photos.
  1. Where are you and your partner getting ready? Many photographers will charge travel fees if the two wedding parties are getting ready more than 30 minutes away – or you might want to hire a photographer with two shooters so one can be with you while the other is with your partner.
  2. Transport – Is transport important to you and your partner? If so, when booking your transport factor in some time to ensure you get photos with your mode of transport – either before the ceremony or afterwards
  3. Details – it is the little touches and special details that make for a truly touching and memorable wedding.


There are two main things I tell all of my wedding clients and their attendants;

  1. Smile – all the time. Pretend like you are on a reality tv show and keep that smiling face on all the time.  Why is this important?  Your photographer will be photographing every moment of this day – that’s what you are paying them for and nothing ruins an image like a bridesmaid with a grumpy face in the background during the reception or the bride scowling at her husband during the speeches.
  2. Touch – touch is so important in photos. It shows relationship and tells a story.  When you are with your partner – hold their hand, touch their shoulder – kiss often – you’re married! When you see a family member, hug, kiss, reach out and touch their hand – whatever you are comfortable with.

Getting ready?

Whether you are getting ready at home, at someone else’s place or a hotel there are a couple of things that will help you get some stunning ‘getting ready’ shots.

  1. Choose a room that is light and airy. Your photographer and make-up artist will thank you
  2. Try and limit background clutter including televisions
  3. Make sure you tell your photographer if you have any special jewellery and point out what your old, borrowed, blue and new things are if you want them photographed.
  4. Leave putting on your jewellery, dress and shoes so your photographer can capture every moment.
  5. Make sure your attendants are dressed completely before you, so the photos of them helping you get ready look polished.
  6. Are you hoping to get some of those lovely images of your rings, shoes and flowers? Then make sure the rings are with the bride and her attendants while they are getting ready


This is the part where people get nervous.  Take some deep breaths and s..l..o..w.. down! This is the moment you have planned for months or even years for.  Enjoy it.

  1. If you are having young children in your wedding party consider having them go out between the attendants and the bride rather than first – or have them hold hands with the attendants
  2. Remind your attendants to smile and look up when walking down the aisle and to s..l..o..w.. down!
  3. Same goes for you! Walk slowly, take time to look at the people around you, at your partner, at whomever is walking you down the aisle.
  4. When you reach your partner, stand close to each other, touch each other – hold hands
  5. If children are going to be part of the ceremony then you need to be prepared for them to be kids and embrace the simple joy they bring to your ceremony

Post – ceremony shots

There are two part to the post ceremony session.  The formal group/family shots and the creative post-ceremony session.  The formal  group shots will normally always be taken at the ceremony location.  We all love Pintrest and it can give you some great inspiration for your post ceremony session.  In most circumstances where you have your ceremony and reception will decide where you can have your post ceremony session so consider this in your planning

  1. Devise a list of formal group shots you would like. Be specific. Although it seems monotonous now, planning this list now will stop you missing anyone else and getting bogged down having photos with everyone separately.
  2. Discuss with your wedding venue if you are able to have the post ceremony session on location (if it is suitable). If not – ask them where some popular locations are nearby
  3. Talk to your photographer – they may have some suggestions for you.
  4. Consider if you want your whole bridal party with you or just you and your partner.
  5. These are often the WOW images that you will treasure for years to come.  Be aware that the location you have your photos taken will really dictate what the final image is.  Look through magazines, photography blogs and Pinterest and see what images you really love.  Beach, field?  Is it that silhouetted image right on sunset? Is it an image with a fantastic view or background behind?  Is it an urban photo with a landmark that you both love?