From Belly to Birth

I honestly couldn’t decide what to write about tonight, bellies or babies – they are both my favourites!

I do have a super special soft spot for gorgeous maternity photos, probably because I always wish I had gotten them done myself!  When I was pregnant with my son 11 years ago it wasn’t really the done thing, plus by the time I finished working I looked like a whale.  With my daughter it was definitely something we wanted to do but I was waiting for the perfect time – I wanted that big beautiful round belly you see in the maternity magazines… but then I just got HUGE and felt so un-pretty and un-wonderous that there was no way I wanted a stranger taking photos of me. One of those moments I wish I could travel back in time and say to myself – Wake up! You are only pregnant with this child once and it is beautiful – it doesn’t matter if you still fit into your skinny jeans at 28 weeks or if you ditched any form of recognisable pant for a potato sack at 16 week – that body of yours is miraculous and trust me – 3 years from now you will look back at the happy snaps someone managed to get of you with your eyes half closed with that beautiful belly and it will be the most treasured picture you have.

So, what’s my point? Maternity photos are for everyone!  The best time is around 34-36wks before you get too uncomfortable.  I won’t lie to you, having maternity photos taken isn’t just a walk in the park… although we can do that – but to get those “ahhhh” shots it sometimes involves a little walking, sitting down, getting back up again and a little more walking. Nothing too adventurous – I’ve been there, I know how it feels 🙂

AND I have completely run out of time writing this post so the baby section will have to wait until tomorrow – washing up is calling 🙂

Introducing Little Mr J

I was so happy to have the opportunity to photograph this beautiful family again.  The last time I saw them this little man was tucked up inside his mamma. So much love surrounds this gorgeous family

Beautiful beach maternity session

Beautiful beach maternity session

At three weeks old this little man was an absolute delight to photograph.

My newborn sessions are a little different to many you might see around.  I aim to capture your precious bundle in his or her natural environment.  I like to photograph the way you are as a family, holding and being together.  We can also incorporate some traditional posed shots but the focus is on you as a family in your own home.