Relay for Life

It was an early start for my family this morning.  We met at the Redcliffe Jetty at 5am with trestle tables, boxes of homebaked goodies and lots of enthusiasm.  We set up before the sun rose and had time to stop and watch this gorgeous sunrise.

Sunrise at the Redcliffe Jetty

Today was the morning of our annual bake stall for our Relay for Life team. Each year we participate in the Redcliffe Relay For Life, to raise money and fight back against cancer; a 16 hour relay to demonstrate our support for suffers and carers of this dreaded disease.  But before we get to the relay we fundraise.  And so begins the giant bakefest that precedes the McNutty Clan’s great Bake Stall

Just a small example of what part of my kitchen table looked like Saturday afternoon at 6pm

We were completely overwhelmed with the generosity of people who baked, bought and just helped out in the lead up to our bake stall.  Without these people we would not be able to raise the amount of money we do to give to the Cancer Council.

And after a beautiful day in the sunshine selling cookies, fudge, and cake pops; after selling literally hundreds of raffle tickets, chatting to so many generous people who were so willing to donate to such a worthy cause we managed to raise $942.  This money goes towards funding clinical trials, research as well as patient care and staffing a support line. (

So the question I want to leave you with is…

Who will you relay for

Keeping me busy

I have been a bit quiet lately and for a very good reason.  Each year my children’s school has a fete and it is a very big deal in our house.  As a working mum  I often don’t get to do the ‘school mum’ stuff.  I miss a lot of assemblies, excursions and classroom visits because my day job is being a teacher – which means when my kids are at school, so am I.  But the fete is the one time when I get to feel as though I am giving something back to the school community and embrace my other love – baking!  So for the last 2 weeks every spare moment has been spent baking and freezing in preparation for the big day.

The day dawned overcast and rainy but as always seems to be the case at St Kieran’s fete in Brighton; as the people started rolling in the clouds started to roll out.  I got to watch my kids perform their dances and hubby and I did our hour on a stall each and the kids bounced from rides, to games to animals, even Nanna conquered the ‘Space Invaders’ ride with my gorgeous boy