April 25th is an important day in Australia.  We call it ANZAC day (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps).  Trying to explain what ANZAC day is about is difficult.  Although it is held on the anniversary of the landing of Gallipoli, it does not celebrate that battle as it was a disastrous loss with thousands of young men dying on the beach. It was not to mark the first time Australia entered into war, as we have fought in battles before. ANZAC day commemorates the Australian spirit, bravery, mateship, that quirky Australian sense of humour, of never giving up even when the odds are against you.  And now 99 years after that fateful landing ANZAC day celebrations are gaining in popularity as more and more Australians gather together to show our respect for all our service men and women and to acknowledge the intangible ANZAC spirit that lives on in our country today.



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