Family time


Hello to all my new followers. It is so lovely to see new faces both here and on my Facebook page. I am still very much on a hiatus while we continue to discover our new normal with Type 1 Diabetes but my son needed some photos taken for his school project this week so I thought I would share them here and say – HI!

The last two weekends have been so necessary for me to save my sanity. We have been staying close to home and getting some order back in our lives. My family have officially declared this “no-junk-June”. We are focusing on decluttering our lives both materially (getting the kids and the grown ups to dump all clutter in our house) and other parts of our life – particularly our diet which has accumulated a lot of processed and pre-packaged food while learnt how to managed my daughters diabetes. Now we are on an insulin pump and have a bit more flexibility we can get back to eating good wholesome real food again…

I hope you are all enjoying the cool change that is blowing into Brisbane at the moment.  Please keep an eye on our Facebook page as I will be looking for some models in the next few weeks and also will be announcing some mini shoots that will be available in July.

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