Family Sessions

General Family Sessions run for between 45 minutes to 1 hour and I recommend a change of clothes part way through to ensure that you get a number of different looks in your photos.  Family sessions will include a number of group shots as well as individual images of each family member and pairings or other groupings as well.  For this reason I do limit general family sessions to approximately 6-8 people.  For groups over 8 we look at a large family/group package which includes more time and images so you have the opportunity to include each person in the shoot.

General Family Sessions include;

  • 1 hour session on location or in your home
  • Facebook sneak peek within 48 hours
  • 15- 30 high resolution images on USB within 4-6 weeks
  • small 5 x 7 layflat photobook (20 pages)

Price: $295

Large family/group sessions

  • 2+ hour session on location or in your home
  • Facebook sneak peek with in 48 hours
  • 30 + high resolution images on USB within 4 – 6weeks
  • small 5 x 7 layflat photobooks (30 pages)

Price $325


Location Sessions

A posed/location shoot will take place in an outdoor location.  This could be a beach, open field, forest or built up/industrial area.  I have a number of locations that I use around the north side of Brisbane however if you have a location that is special to you we can also work with that!

Choose a posed/location shoot if you want to capture those images of you, your family and the important people in your life with a stunning backdrop.  We will highlight the loving relationship you have with the most important people in your life, no matter what your family structure is.

However at times certain locations will not be available. Weather can often cause hassles on location. We may choose to reschedule or instead we may change locations to avoid bad weather.  This can also mean certain shots may not be possible.  This is always your choice.

Time of day is particularly important with location shoots.  I prefer to shoot my family locations sessions in the afternoons so we capture you all in the most beautiful light.

*If you have young children and want to have a location shoot I do recommend bringing an extra person along to supervise the children while we are doing different groups and to assist with things such as toilet breaks/drink breaks etc. although this is not a necessity – just a recommendation from one parent to another 🙂

Lifestyle Sessions

A lifestyle session is very different to the typical family photos you have probably seen in the past. Lifestyle sessions are designed to really capture a snapshot into your life.  Those precious, everyday moments you will be able to capture and share forever.

We will be photographing you in and around your home in places that make you feel comfortable.  This may mean lounging in a lounge chair, sitting on your back steps or making a cuppa in your kitchen.

When we do a lifestyle session I may need to move some small items around just to minimize background distractions.  I’m not there to look at your house so we will only go into rooms you feel like sharing (that means you can pop your pile of washing or any mess and clutter into the back room and I will never know J).

Rooms that are usually used are the bedroom, kitchen/lounge, nursery and front or back yard.

Obviously we are in your home so you can change outfits whenever you like if you would like to have a few different looks.  The benefits of a lifestyle session is that you are comfortable in your own surroundings, there are no busy locations where you feel conspicuous having your photo taken in front of others.  Another benefit if you have young children you can relax and know they are safe, there are no hassles if they are hungry, thirsty, need a bathroom break or get messy. If you have teenagers that would rather hibernate in their rooms – I can capture them in their natural environment as well.

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